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The Passage of Time: Like the tree that falls in the wilderness and no sound, without man doesn't exist. Mother Nature does not clock it's occurance, it judges things by what is right and wrong, so that it can exist - when it is wrong, it corrects it immediately, so no harm will befall her.

The Wetlands And Swamps Disappeareth

Wetlands, natural water handling and filtration systems.

Even at times, they can be man made! Wetlands are used to treat "Anthropogenic and Natural Wastes". They have purpose to us and mother nature - something we should have never forgotten. Time after time, manmade disaster after disaster, we haven't learned yet and this is one of the reasons mother nature is punishing us.

From Florida Everglades to the Mississippi Delta, up and down the East Coast - we have consistently destroyed these areas and we are paying a hefty cost. In Florida, as a result of damning up Lake Okeechobee, it choked off water flow into the Glades, causing an Algae and Bacteria Bloom the world has never known before. Killing wildlife and endangering mankind alike.

Another disaster created by destroying wetlands and tampering with waterways is seasonal migration of birds. These animals need these waterways to rest and feed on as they travel thousands of miles to new roasting and reproduction grounds. As we destroy our waterways, we destroy our bird populations by disturbing their migratory habits. Animals like the Manatee that have been around long before man are threatened by our very bad habits and corporate and farming greed. Not Need Greed!

Swamps and wetlands have disappeared all over the world, according to one study almost half the world's important watersheds, are gone. This is not anything like the loss of Rain Forest or Coral Reefs - isolated to certain parts of the world - wetlands and swamps are as diverse as the life living within these habitats themselves. Loss of any of these important features of our earth, is shocking at best. While I have written about the destruction of the Rain Forests, I have not about the Coral Reefs, but I will - for now, I will limit my conversation and appeal to our Swamps and Wetlands.

Fertilizers are one of the most prevalent dangers to our waters. It contains phospherous as did laundry detergent and dish soap, which also contributed to the overgrowth of water plants and algae. As a consequence of this overgrowth in plant life and algae it creates Biological Oxygen Deficiency and other toxins to grow in our waterways.

The consequences are deadly here, to say the least - You could write volumes and volumes of books on this subject - there will be more to come, I am sure so tuned and visit us again.

It is time you acted and started to help clean up our mess. Even if we do just a little, we can do a lot, when it comes to cleaning up our environment. Help me spread the word - help me come up with some alternative fix to poisoning our water and ourselves. Please click the links below, even if it is just a little - help out! Thank you!



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