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On a Dark Desert Highway: you sit there at a traffic light; no one in sight for hundreds of miles - then you realize how dumb it seems, but it's the law and you comply. Moments later, you're free to go.

Millions of Metric Tons of Carbon Eliminated

not right that volkswagon done this

One of the biggest problems with this country is the failure to act. That's right I said failure to act! There are many areas this is true and one of them is Traffic Signals or Lights. This affects all too many of us and I am not saying we do not need them, I am saying they are being used incorrectly and this affects all of us, not only the ones who drive, but also the ones who don't.

On a Sunday afternoon on the road is totally different than a Monday afternoon on the road. Evening hours are totally different than daytime hours and so are the traffic patterns. Traffic signals rarely reflect the differences in traffic patterns on weekdays and weekends or daytime or nighttime and this is a shame.

There are many reasons why this must change - one, it could help your pocket and that definitely is a plus. The other is, it will help the environment and the economy. Not many people know there is a National Association of Traffic Controllers, they like to be called Traffic Engineers - they have to be qualified in many things but their biggest concern is Safety. And I do not knock this - but calling them engineers, well, they are not too qualified if they fail to use or set those things properly.

Imagine being the one, sitting in that hot desert sun, at the only redlight in town. It can be pretty frustrating, knowing there is no need for this. Well, it is the same as if you were at a traffic signal, on a Sunday, not a car in site and you have to sit there and wait the full 3 minutes til the light changes. Totally unnecessary and totally unhelpful to your pocket, the environment and the economy.

Oh but it does help the States and the Federal Government, though, with their per gallon taxation. The longer they got you sitting there the more they make. Is it a conspiracy? I honestly think so! But it is not good for the environment, your pocket or the economy. If they had you sitting there less, it would no doubt save thousands of dollars and take out at least a million metric tons of carbon out of the atmosphere, month;y - not yearly, monthly.i challenge anyone to say otherwise. The yearly total would be astronomical.

The other thing that struck me as apothetic as the way they set those lights, was Right Turn on Red - was to speed up the economy and save you time and money - the environment was never considered in this scenario. But why pass a law, allowing right turns to be made on Redlights, when you go around hanging No Turn On Red Signs in places where they are definitely not needed. I understand some intersections are so dangerous, as not to allow for a right turn on red - but be for real, on a less traveled road - you got a no turn on red sign - seriously.

Now, back to the subject - the controls that control the lights, have thousands and I mean thousands of settings. They can be set every which way but loose. It is time that the Engineers live up to their name - engineers. For the sake of your pocket, your environment and your economy - make them use the lights as they were designed to control various traffic patterns at various times of the day and week. Thusly, eliminating millions of metric tons of carbon out of our atmosphere.



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