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Norway's First: Norway pledges to become climate neutral by 2030 - 20 years ahead of it's first set goal of 2050 - they also became the first nation to ban public procurement's that contribute to rainforest destruction.

The Rain Forest


There are many undisputed facts about the Rain Forests of the World. One is the diversity of life there. The other is the production of ozone. One of the most important undisputed facts is transpiration and the other most important fact is carbon sequestration.

Bouncing off of these facts - it is of vital necessity that they remain in tact. Any destruction of this life cycle is detrimental to the existence of man, animal, insects and other life organisms.

This is not just an insignificant inconvience. It is of catastrophic importance. One fact, not much studied; "the Rain Forests of the world act as Wind Buffers". In this vein, high potential winds are negated to a level of acceptable. Cut out the wind buffer and you have such high winds of destructive proportions. Thus, creating bigger and bigger Hurricanes or Typhoons on our oceans.

Norway's adoption of this principle; "We can no longer accept the Destruction of Our Rain Forests" is highly applaudable and highly commendable." They stand alone in their commitment and this is an outright shame.

As citizens of the world and not just our individual coutries, we must commit to embracing the principal, that our rain forests are vitally important to our environment and our lives. Measures must be taken immediately against companies and coutries who feel it is okay to eliminate one of nature's most important life features.

We as a whole, that is all nations, must prevent further destruction of our forests. We have the capability, we have the technology, we have the land - to produce the energy and food we need in places we do not have to destroy anything to do so. We can do it in such a way that there is less carbon outfput. Source: Here!

It is time you acted and started to help clean up our mess. Even if we do just a little, we can do a lot, when it comes to cleaning up our environment. Help me spread the word - help me come up with some alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Please click the links below, even if it is just a little - help out! Thank you!



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