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4BioPower Let's Make The World a Better Place... live in! While some argue that man is not responsible for climate change or global warmer, others know it is real. Here, we believe that man has played a significant part in it. And must without question, change many of his ways of doing things - from global deforestation to carbon emissions - Man is now destine to perish, if he doesn't decide to go at it completely differently.

You can make a significant change and a better impact upon your life, if you so desire.

In The Beginning

It would be one of the most memorable images and sites that I have ever witnessed. Starting me on the road to which I find myself now:

In 1983 or thereabouts, a couple things have happened. But the most memorable is when I was watching a news segment on Channel 11 news, Pittsburgh, PA. An old man sitting on his lawnmower, crying. He was arrested by the FBI for running a still without a license. He was producing gasoline or an alternative to gasoline to fuel his lawnmower, to cut his grass.

It started me on a career of finding out all I could about alternative and fossil fuels, that I can. Not knowing the impact another incident would have on our environment, but in hindsight now, I can see that this invention could have reduced carbon emissions, by 1000 fold.

Believe it or not, the conspiracy is real. In this instance, it was a 180 mpg carburator. Bought out by a conglomorate of Big Companies and Wealthy individuals, headed up by the then Speaker of the House Tip O'neil. Imagine, over 34 years of lower emissions.


Literally! Plants are the carbon eating machine. They are capable of ridding our earth of all the greenhouse "problem causing" gases. The plant to do this best is Cotton. The cotton plant absorbs up to 20 times it's own weight in carbon to build it's all important fiber yeild.

Cotton although tough to grow outside warmer climates, can be planted where there are lands that are not in use by man. If left to grow in hot climates, it can grow as large as some trees.

An earth lung, just like a human lung is capable of providing oxygen to the rest of it's.body organisms. We are the earth's vital organisms. So, too, are the fish, the birds, the insects and other plants and we all need fresh oxygen.

A greener world means a healthier world. When I was young, the sky was a clear blue. Today, we can only see it through hazy eyes. The green trees and plants, no longer look as green as they used too. They also are viewed trough the smog we have created.

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