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The Skies: were full of dirty clouds the sun disappeared for an eternity. The earth was frozen, no man alive.

Fireworks Look So Pretty

not right that volkswagon done this

and are an age old fallacy. There were no fireworks in Boston at the time the tea party was undertaken. Fireworks didn't start becoming an American Holiday Tradition til much, much later. And even then, they were not used the way they are today.

I haven't went to watch a fireworks display in years - because the last time I seen them was in the West End of Pittsburgh, being shot off the bridge. At the end of the event, all I seen was billows of endless smoke and all I could think of is "what a tragedy". Not only do we have 50 states with 50 cities shooting these things off every year, we have multiple cities in multiple states, that do so. That is millions of tons of carbon dioxide being shot off in one day. Then, smaller municipalities have there's on separate days.

They are used at sporting or other events, through out the summer months. Adding more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Yet, we want the electric companies and other industries to reduce their emissions to zero. What hypocrites have we become? Then, where do we get these fireworks from - China? They (the government, manufacturers nor anyone else), do not list these deadly chemicals - they do not tell you about the consequences from the use of these things - they are dangerous to say the least.

This is another problem it poses to our environment. Mothra - although part of a science fiction movie - I seen a huge moth - brought over here in the crates that carry the fireworks in them. When I found this moth - I knew where they got the idea for the movie. The wing span on this thing was 15 inches long as was the length of it's body. The girth of it's body was at least 2" or better. Imagine this thing being let free on our cotton fields or able to populate here and eat all of your clothes. There is no natural enemy here for it. As with the bettle that came over in those crates, now destroys hundreds of acres of our forests every year now.

Fireworks are no joke. And if you are a true environmentalist and a true believer that your child should have a great future - then fireworks and all their related problems have to go! And I did not mention the amounts of times, these displays blow up killing the people who run them and the people who watch them. They have to go - Happy Fourth of July without the works - I Hope! (7/1/16).

Nor did I mention the health risks associated with them and there are many! One such explosion (8/12/15) occured in China - leaving the air full of deadly Cynide, which if inhaled can instantly cause death. They are a major contributor to the thinning of the ozone!



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