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The Cattle Are Grazing In The Field: Unlike the Buffalo, we still have livestock that we tend to, slaughter and eat. Unless, that is, you are a vegitarian, in that case, luckily there is still land and ways to grow your food!

We Can Feed The World

There are 7 Billion People in the world and growing. By 2050 the population is expected to reach an astonishing 9.5 Billion. That is a lot of mouths to feed. We barely have enough now to feed the people in the world today as it is.

But wait, technology has advanced so far in the most recent world, there is no reason why we cannot continue to feed everyone, inexpensively as well as effectively. We, to many will run out of land, not only to house people but to raise the livestock or grow the food, we need to feed everyone.

In most urban areas of the world, it is forbidden to raise any kind of livestock - some people do not have the land to grow their own food. As the population grows, this will become more and more of the norm, for us all. However, there are some exceptions now being permitted for us to raise and grow our own food. Limitations are placed on how and where you raise and grow that food.

As the population grows not only will a scaricity of land become a problem so will transportation and storage issue arise. The keys to tomorrow's success in feeding the world will be in modern technology and more localization of growing and raising the food we need to eat.

The next step will be to finding fresh water - this is another issue that needs to be solved within the next few years or we won't have much of it to go around to drink, much less using it to grow or raise our own food. We must be smart about what we do in the coming weeks, months and years. It will be a challenge that can be met.

Overall, the object to fulfilling our needs will be met with technology and the more localization of farming. It is what it all boils down to - farming into the future.

The bigger picture is the amount of people this earth can handle - outside of food and land - there are air and water quality concerns - but not just that, whether there will be "enough" water. And whether or not there will be enough material to house all these people - these are the challenges we face in the coming years. My hopes are that we make it and that things are done in accordance with the laws of nature.

It is time you acted and started to help clean up our mess. Even if we do just a little, we can do a lot, when it comes to cleaning up our environment. Help me spread the word - help me come up with some alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Please click the links below, even if it is just a little - help out! Thank you!



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