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The Story of Dholavira

An ancient and elaborate water handling system.

In acient times, many countries or empires used elaborate means to bring water to civilization. The Romans, the Indians, the Chinese and many more constructed trenches, canals, dams and even aquaducts to transport and capture water for the people of their regions. But, here in Dholavira, India, they settled by the waterways and used simple systems of capturing water and storing it, for current or later use.

Here in it's simplicity, it was a resorvoir that captured rainwater. A seriies of baths and pools were constructed throughout the complex, for use as baths and entertainment facilities. The resorvoir also served as a means to deliver drinking and cooking water to the populace living there at the time.

Described as an early water conservation system and appearently advanced for it's time, served it's civilization well. It is also described as a Rain Water Harvesting System, which surprises me how inadequately we handle ours. In this case, the city is about 5,000 years old - other ancient cities and empires go back even further and all along, we have been dealing with water, water conservation and transportation - seems we had years to get it all right!

We will pipe over long distances, oil or natural gas, which if one of those pipelines burst could reek environmental damage, beyond belief. We will dig, elaborate canals to allow passage of ocean liners that carry people and goods to other parts of the world or inland further to deliver those people and goods, in other parts of the world. BUT, we will not channel our rain water in drought stricken and arid lands. Go Figure!

What is amazing and what I would like you to take from this Story of Dholavira, is the fact that we as a civilization have taken the time to deal with our water from earliest times. We fail to do that today - what has changed? Is the profit motive.Then, we were doing it as a community and what was good for the people, today, it doesn't matter what is good for the people, it is good for whoever profits from it or not and this is totally wrong. WE can not keep "killing ourselves to live".

It is time you acted and started to help clean up our mess. Even if we do just a little, we can do a lot, when it comes to cleaning up our environment. Help me spread the word - help me come up with some alternatives to poisoning our water and ourselves. Please click the links below, even if it is just a little - help out! Thank you!



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