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4BioPower Let's Make The World a Better Place... live in! While some argue that man is not responsible for climate change or global warmer, others know it is real. Here, we believe that man has played a significant part in it. And must without question, change many of his ways of doing things - from global deforestation to carbon emissions - Man is now destine to perish, if he doesn't decide to go at it completely differently.

You can make a significant change and a better impact upon your life, if you so desire.

Climate Change

You can sit back and watch the climate change or you can take an active rule in making it change, to the better.

While it is not exactly clear as to whether or not, man has made the climate unfavorable for human or other wildlife habitation - it is certain that they have a helping hand in changing the climate.

As I stated about in one of my quips - dirty clouds mean a couple of things - one, they prevent sunlight from getting in and secondly, they prevent heat waves from escaping. In either event, the changing of the clouds can and will cause catastophic events - we are witnessing this now. Longer or erratic seasons, hurricanes that are larger and more fierce, tornadoes bigger than anyone can imagine - earthquakes and soon, volcano erruptions, the likes of which we have never witnessed.

Cut down on your carbon output. One of the things I did, was immediately when they changed from incandescent lights to Compact Florescent lights, I changed them all out. The minute LED lighting became inexpensive, I swapped out the CFL's. Not only did this change my carbon footprint, it lowered my electic bill by $30 per month - absolutely amazing.

So no matter how small the change it is a change to the better. Choose efficiency over stupity anyday and you will thank yourself for it, in many ways.

Long distnace hauling of your food, is not only expensive money wise, it is costly to our environment. Choose locally grown foods, where ever and whenever you can.

We can change the environment, to the good or worse. If it is to the bad - keep in mind that Mother Nature is a Bitch and believe me when I say this, she will prevail. If we do not change the way we do and look at things, we will pay the price, dearly. Our children will suffer the greater brunt of it all. So think of them and what legacy you wish to leave them.

We read street signs, we read, see or hear advertisements - these things are easy to see. But the signs of nature are a little more complex and harder to read. But it doesn't mean you do or can not see, feel or hear them!

They are there for you to witness. Not only that though, they are there to tell you a story - either of impending doom or a brighter future for you and your children, heirs, friends and neighbors. The animals and insects and any other living thing relies upon you to do the right thing in your life. Reduce your carbon output Now, before it is to late. Reduce your dependence on other chemicals as well or else!

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