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Trump Wins We Loose: This is not in reference to his Presidency of the United States. It is about his desires to deregulate a lot of industries, on the issue of environmental pollutions. The Environmental Protection Agency may be at stake, we hope not, for our own as well as our children's sake and for generations to come.

Pond Scum Prevails


We have a lot of cleaning up to do. And a lot of preventative measures to take. Florida's algae problem is just a tip of the iceberg and a very real dilemma. It is an indication of the difficulties we face, as we encounter problems caused by man with our environment.

Within the next few years, the population on earth, will be enormous. The things we do, today, ensure our future can sustain life, as it is now. If we do not live in harmony with nature, she will devour us.

Many, many years ago, they realized that phosphorus inside our laundry soap and fertilizers was causing an explosive growth in water born plants and algae. The term "biological oxygen deficiency" came to light. What was going on, was, the plants were using up the oxygen in water so fast, as a result of their growing quicker, healthier and larger, due to phosphates in the water - it was choking off other marine life, such as fish.

Algae on our lakes, rivers and ponds can be considered pond scum. Other plant life, within our waters is just plant life. The pond scum however, can be skimmed off and used as biofuel or more specifically, biodiesel. We need to prevent phosphates from getting into the water and if we can not, we need to filter it out of the water as quickly as it got in there.

All this will cost money, but the cost can be offset or covered by the sale of the biodiesel that is recovered in the clean up process. If cost exceed sales of biodiesel, then a excise or other tax can be placed on the farming or industrial businesses that pollute our waters.

Make no mistake about it - there is a real problem with our water. Thousands of fish are washing up on our shores or just floating in our rivers, dead. Snow Geese were just killed mitigrating south for the winter when they landed in a polluted pool of water. In this case, the water was acetic (filled with acid). Shame!

Our Swamps, Rivers and Oceans are filled with vegetation overgrowth. Plants are growing ten times faster and twice as large as normal. This is not a joke. It is a real problem that needs fixed and fixed immediately. If left alone, we can kill off all our fish population within a matter of years, not decades, hundreds or even thousands of years - only several years, then; fish, turtles, frogs, birds, etc. are done and so are we.

It is time you acted and started to help clean up our mess. Even if we do just a little, we can do a lot, when it comes to cleaning up our environment. Help me spread the word - help me come up with some alternatives to polluting our waters. Please click the links below, even if it is just a little - help out! Thank you!



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