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4BioPower Let's Make The World a Better Place...

...to live in! While some argue that man is not responsible for climate change or global warmer, others know it is real. Here, we believe that man has played a significant part in it. And must without question, change many of his ways of doing things - from global deforestation to carbon emissions - Man is now destine to perish, if he doesn't decide to go at it completely differently.

You can make a significant change and a better impact upon your life, if you so desire.

Torrential Rains Smog Melting Ice Caps and Vanishing Cities

Life before man Nature was able to keep in itself in check and in reality, it still can - but only time will tell how devastating things will get before it does, balance itself out again.

The smog was so thick over Beijing today - people were warned to stay inside - you could hardly see the sun through the smoke - Just the other day, they were hit with a Sand Storm that caused people to flee for cover.

This June has seen some of the heaviest rainfalls ever and the coldest temperatures - has everyone talking and wondering. If the Ice Caps melt the water has to go somewhere - normally up via transpiration. Or in Coastal Flooding - causing even more bewilderment.

Coastal Cities are vanishing right before our eyes and our great leadership is still in denial, as to what is going on and what causes it.

Allegheny County was the first ever to recognize the hazards of man made pollution. Banning Bonfires and opening pit burning to alleviate some of it's smog problems. Mills were made to build their smoke stacks higher - to carry the smoke away from the City of Pittsburgh - but in reality it didn't stop the problem, it just sent it elsewhere.

Rachel Carlson, a Pittsburgh Native began to see changes in wildlife - leading her to write and sell one of the most published novels of it's time - A Silent Spring. This novel prompted Congress to Enact the Environmental Protection Agency.

Again, a smokescreen put in place by our devout politicians to skim coat the problem rather than offer real cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions. About a year ago, 1,000 migrating Geese landed in an acidic lake and perished - the lake belonged to the biggest Electricity Company in the U.S. Duke Energy - their statement non apologetic and blaming it on the Geese rather than themselves.

Carbon Sequestration - a thought that went and gone in a fleeting moment - never once did they think that carbon makes the best and longest lasting batteries. That buildings or other material made from the stuff is the strongest, hardest and most durable material ever - just look at rubber tires - nothing in nature can break them down.

Well with exception! One Super Bacteria found in Nature can and is harmless to humans. I personally discovered that this bateria is more than eager to flourish on rubber given the right temperatures and environmental factors and does not need to be introduced, it will culture itself.

The whole point here is, if we open our mind up to the possibilites - there is no end in sight to what we can accomplish - money should never be an objective - but it sure would help, if the processes we develop are cost effective or profitable - this way everyone will jump on board to save our world.

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